Registration Fees

Registration fees for Rochester Youth Soccer cover the following association expenses:

Season player fees (paid once per season):

  • Washington State Youth Soccer Association - $14.00
  • District and County Association - $8.00
  • Insurance - $2.00 

Fees assessed with each season's registration:

  • Field rental - $20.00 
  • Equipment and uniforms - $2500
  • Referee (when disignated "Home" team) - $75 per game divided by number on team
  • Administrative costs - $4.00

We work hard to keep expenses as low as possible and still provide a quality soccer experience. 

Refund Policy

Upon written request, Rochester Youth Soccer will issue a refund, less an administrative fee to cover incurred association expenses, prior to the player participating in a sanctioned practice or game. No refunds will be made after the player has participated in a sanctioned practice or league games have begun.